Ensuring Your Australian Educational Qualifications Are Recognised Overseas

Studying overseas can be very rewarding. After returning home students can often be guaranteed work and lead long successful careers. Before leaving Australia it is important for overseas students to ensure that their hard-earned qualifications are recognised in their home country. This can be achieved through the certification and authentication of academic transcripts and educational certificates.

Educational documents are required to be authenticated in order to be recognised in overseas countries due to an increasing level of fraud of these types of documents. This is particularly true in the case of well-known and/or prestigious tertiary educational institutions. These include TAFE colleges such as the Box Hill Institute and Universities including Deakin and Monash Universities, The University of Melbourne and RMIT. Certification and authentication ensures prospective employers and government institutions in countries outside of Australia that the provided documents are originals.

Before academic transcripts and certificates can be authenticated each document will need to be certified by the Student Administration office of the student’s educational institution as a “true and accurate record”. If the student’s institution does not provide the service of certifying academic documents that it has issued, the student will need to have the relevant documents notarised by an Australian Notary Public. Once the documents have been certified or notarised, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) or local Australian diplomatic/consular mission can verify the identity and status of the Australian education institution attended by the student. When this process is completed the submitted documents can be authenticated so that they are legally recognised outside of Australia. It should be noted that only academic transcripts and certificates issued by an Australian education institution can be authenticated by DFAT or Australian diplomatic/consular mission.

Our firm is experienced in notarising academic documents for students before they return home to such countries as Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, The United States and Canada. We regularly arrange for documents to be authenticated by DFAT to help ensure that a student’s tertiary studies are legally recognised overseas.

Residents from Australia can instantly book an appointment for notary services by clicking either red box below depending on appointment location. You will arrive at an external booking system where you can choose an appropriate appointment time to see John Pearce at his Melbourne City or Eastern Suburbs Office.



Fees range between $88 – $132 for 1 – 5 notarisations. The exact figure depends on the number of times the notarial seal and signature will need to be applied. If you require more than 5 notarisations, please book an extra timeslot.

Office Locations:
City Office  (Business Hours & Sunday)
Level 13, 200 Queen Street,


the Eastern Suburbs Office (After Hours & Weekends)
10 Frank Street,
Box Hill South.

What you need to bring:
100 points of ID as well as all documents needing to be notarised.

Please Note:
Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may incur a fee. Please ensure that you arrive in a timely manner.