Notarising Documents for Use in India

Conducting personal and business affairs in India after moving to Australia can be challenging. As a recognised and practising Notary Public, John Pearce can help Indian nationals by preparing and witnessing documents. He is available to assist clients at short notice to help ensure that business and personal transactions run smoothly back in India.

For documents that are created in Australia to be legally recognised within India, the services of a Notary Public are required rather than a solicitor or Justice of the Peace.
After being notarised, these documents are usually required to be legalised by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) and/or the Indian Consultate in Melbourne before being sent to India.

Our Public Notary can assist clients by notarising:

• Power of Attorney documents required by Government authorities, banks, court proceedings and property transactions
• Statutory declarations to be used in court proceedings
• Legal documents involving the distribution of property in deceased estates
• Government forms for Indian nationals including Passport Renewal forms, Non-Resident Indian, Overseas Citizen of India and Person of Indian Origin

As the requirements vary between businesses and Government departments, we suggest that you directly contact the relevant authority or company to ensure that the correct steps are followed so that your documents are legally acceptable. For example, you may find that your documents may need to be:

• Notarised only by a Notary Public
• Stamped by the Indian Consulate after being notarised
• Notarised, forwarded to DFAT to receive a Apostille and stamped by the Indian Consulate

For this reason, before visiting our office it is important to make the necessary enquiries to ensure that your documents will be legally recognised in India.

Verifying an Indian Drivers Licence

At some point in time while living in Australia, you may require your Indian Drivers Licence to be verified. You may find that you may require your Licence to be verified when:

• Applying for an Australian Drivers Licence
• Requested to prove that you are same person when the name on your passport and Indian Drivers Licence is different
• The name on your passport is different to that on your Indian Drivers Licence (for example, on one document your initials may only be displayed while the other document shows your full name)

To verify your Indian Drivers Licence you must apply to an Indian Passport and Visa Services Centre operated by VFS Global to receive a Licence Verification Certificate. VFS Global has been employed by the High Commission of India to act on its behalf. If the name on your Drivers Licence is different to that on your passport, you will need to have your personal identity verified before forwarding your application to receive a certificate. You can download a PDF checklist from the VFS Global website at for more information.

After identifying that you are the one and same person holding your current passport and Indian Drivers Licence, a Notary Public can issue you a Notarial Certificate in line with requirements outlined in the Drivers Licence Verification checklist published by VFS Global. This Notarial Certificate can then be forwarded to DFAT to be stamped with an Apostille.

Our experienced Notary Public can verify your identity and issue a Notarial Certificate that meets the necessary requirements and certified copies of your passport and Drivers Licence. You will simply need to bring your passport and Indian Drivers Licence to your appointment. We also arrange on your behalf for your Notarial Certificate to be stamped with an Apostille by DFAT as required by the Indian High Commission.

In the event, you require additional documents to be legally recognised in India, our Notary Public can notarise these documents for you. This includes statutory declarations, affidavits, educational qualifications and legal documents for property transactions.

Residents from Australia can instantly book an appointment for these services by clicking either red box below depending on appointment location. You will arrive at an external booking system where you can choose an appropriate appointment time to see John Pearce at his Melbourne City or Eastern Suburbs Office.



Fees range between $88 – $132 for 1 – 5 notarisations. The exact figure depends on the number of times the notarial seal and signature will need to be applied. If you require more than 5 notarisations, please book an extra time slot.

Office Locations:
City Office  (Business Hours & Sunday)
Level 13, 200 Queen Street,

or the

Eastern Suburbs Office (After Hours & Weekends)
10 Frank Street,
Box Hill South.

What you need to bring:
100 points of ID as well as all documents needing to be notarised.

Please Note:
Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may incur a fee. Please ensure that you arrive in a timely manner.